Turbo Regals
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Justin LOVES Turbo Regals, Especially "Blue Guy"

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Blue Guy

bluesmoke.jpg (99460 bytes)

This is Daddy's car.  I bought it brand new in December 1986.  It was totally reworked and

hit the track.  Its best time is 11.04.  The best MPH is 122.  The original factory accessories

are still on there.  It has PS, PB, AC, PW and a stereo.  Yes, go fast with class.

1987 Limited.jpg (54106 bytes)

This is a Turbo Regal Limited.  Yes, you could have an off the floor 13 second car with

pillow seats.  And they wonder why GM is having problems today. 

1987_BUICK_REGAL_TURBO-T.jpg (74250 bytes)

Here's a Turbo Regal in white.  Some people would think this is a street racer wannabe. 

They would be wrong!  I think the fading tail lights would let them know that they had

been SERVED.

87GNXMonster.jpg (60453 bytes)

This is probably Justin's ultimate dream.  A GNX Monster Truck.  I don't like it, but I'm

not Justin.

tweaked.jpg (605041 bytes)

This is a single turbo Buick.  I'm not sure of the times now, but it's one fast car!

Two Tone.jpg (87940 bytes)

Grand National Pictures

1987 GN.JPG (73590 bytes)

troygn3.jpg (251869 bytes)

dwight2.jpg (41245 bytes)

The numbers in this picture represent the time in the quarter mile.  This car is closer to

stock than most people like to think!

Buick Powered S-10

Turbo Truck.JPG (70855 bytes)

This is an S-10 pickup with a Turbocharged Buick V-6.  It is a factory sponsored prototype

to the Syclone pickup of the early 90's.  A problem arose in that the Buick engine required too much

modification to be used, thus the Syclone had a 4.3 Vortec engine.  Many people bought

Syclones thinking they were buying a Buick powered pickup.  They were WRONG!  

Oh, by the way, the fastest Pontiac to go down the dragstrip was powered by a Buick

engine (1989 Turbo Trans Am).